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adellian thumbnail
adellian Indie punk meets all the regrets you've kept bottled up for 15 years. Would recommend Favorite track: I Am A Fox.
Casual Watson
Casual Watson thumbnail
Casual Watson I really like the vibes that this album's been giving me, while the audio quality does have a few points where I kinda notice some balancing issues but overall it is a very well written and performed album. Favorite track: Monster (From the Movies).
Kitsune-Chan~ thumbnail
Kitsune-Chan~ I lllloooooovvveeeee this album! I can't stop singing the songs! <3 Favorite track: Monster (From the Movies).
Jonathan Roth
Jonathan Roth thumbnail
Jonathan Roth Found you via the Night in the Woods Cover, and after listening to your album knew I had to support you. Great music! Favorite track: I Am A Fox.
Ashbutt thumbnail
Ashbutt THEIR MUSIC IS SO FRESH. the perfect taste of indie and punk pop that makes you feel so good!! i can't wait to see future albums and EPs. overall this whole ep is an absolute gem and every song is well delivered. Favorite track: I Am A Fox.
Casper Færgemand
Casper Færgemand thumbnail
Casper Færgemand I can't get you out of my mind. <3 Favorite track: Home/You.
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This is the first EP from Pittsburgh-based indie band SOFT GIRL.

"Softgirl." is a collection of six songs recorded in the latter half of 2016, blending punk, rock, and pop styles. It's currently available for pre-order, and will release in January 2017. Your purchase helps keep SOFT GIRL playing shows, paying rent, and eating pasta.


released January 20, 2017

Bass - D. Romero
Drums, Synths - D. Hager
Vox, Guitar, Synths - J. Burgess
Mixing/Production - Moon Rock Records
Mastering 3 - Monarch Audio Mastering
Mastering 1-2, 4-6 - M. Larsen
Photography - D. Hager
Art - D. Romero
Special Thanks - R. Rathbone (best roadie), Andrew Denman (patreon)



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SOFT GIRL Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

SOFT GIRL is a Pittsburgh-based punk band whose distinct sound blends punk rock attitude with sparkling vintage vibes.

Booking / press: moonrockmatt [at] gmail [dot] com

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Track Name: Boo Hoo
It was an ordinary summer day
& I just wanted to get out & play
or maybe take my bike & run away

I was your av'rage ordinary kid
Maybe a bit too sheltered, or introverted
So stupid I thought I could hop a train

Don't try to tell me what to say or do!
I'll do the opposite, or make a plan to
They'll find my body -- you'll cry "boo hoo!"

It was a stupid, stupid, stupid plan
I was that kid who'd get inside a van
Weird fucked up fantasies ran through my head
Could've ended up stranded or ended up dead
Track Name: Digital Boy
this one's for the digital boy
all grown up, he's still playing with toys
keeps them lined up on his shelf
not dusted, no regard for health
roommate's gone, he's by himself
all wrapped up in mlp

this one's for the digital boy
diet that's intended to destroy
at night he will never sleep
stays up and chats and drinks and weeps
go get some vitamin D

isn't it strange how everyone leaves you behind?
you're starting to think they're probably right
isn't it strange the way you make crushes cry?
you're starting to think, you're starting to fight

this one's for the digital boy
he needs a few more things he can enjoy
it's only february sixth
he's planning for a summer trip
he'll probably never stop mentioning it

this one's for the isolation game
where you lose your friends but do not really change
Track Name: Home/You
i drove hungover 1000 miles to escape an endless strip mall town
where a tj maxx is being built
where a tj maxx just got torn down
where everyone’s sad & everything’s bleak
i’ve been here days (it feels like weeks)
i can’t get home out of my mind & it’s driving me out of my mind

you always push me to go out & learn a few more faces
& i always have to hold you when we sleep in creepy places
officer, don’t take these pills from me
i swear they’re for my ADD!

i can’t get you out of my mind
& you’re driving me out of my mind
& there’s nothing to do,
another month or two ’til i am home with you
but what’s the point of this?
i can’t think it’s bliss even when you say it is
Track Name: I Am A Fox
Birds sleep in boxes dressed for their nest egg
Hiding from foxes, best way to rest safe
I sleep in floor sheets, muzzled by brandy
I won’t let you know so you can’t understand me

I try to seem happy, I try to be handsome
Never took meetings if I couldn’t plan them
Pining and cry’ng but I wasn’t deserving
Wanted to hold but I ended up hurting

Keep your head up high, let’s kiss the sky
Keep your wings under mine and we’ll be fine this time

Never kept birds ‘cause I’m afraid of flying
I always get terse but I still keep on trying
Maybe I’m stuck with a whole set of problems
Won’t know for sure ’til I start to solve them

I am a fox in perpetuity
I am a fox in clothing made for sheep

Birds sleep in boxes dressed for their nest egg
Hiding from foxes, best way to rest safe
Think I’ll start hiding, learn some new instincts
Anything’s better than the warped ways I think
Track Name: The One Who Would Have Stayed
You've got me feeling like I'm not so sure
if I am suffering in vain
I hold you close like I'm a comforter
But am I heightening your pain?
You've got a one track mind
& I can't even try
To write the reasons I've been chained

I'll take your memories away
Dig a tunnel, then a grave
Can't believe we ever played (2x)
I'll quit to live another day
Done with fervor and with faith
I'm the one who would have stayed (2x)

Assigning meaning to a dream I've had
With awkward glances to-and-fro
As I see you again, it's not so bad
It's diff'rent from so long ago
And you came to my side
To comfort as I cried
For the loss of ev'rything that I now know

It's like I'm once again your confidant
B/c you don't know that I haunt
Track Name: Monster (From the Movies)
I’m not a fan of playing hard to get
But the way you bare your fangs just makes me sweat
Lets go to a midnight show on Halloween
And hope that the music’s so loud you can’t hear me scream

And I think I’ve found your curse
And I’m prob’ly not the first
You’re the monster from the movies
And it’s playing in reverse

Something wakes your inner horror
Go from cur to carnivore
And I know its coming to me
I’m the prey you’re hunting for

The way you grab with claws gets me in a bind
I feel just paralyzed, I don’t know your kind
Cuz I wanna run but I can’t get it out of my mind